6 Great Ways to Celebrate Valentines without spending Money

9:53 PM Cindy 4 Comments

Valentines day will be happening this Sunday and since this is a financial blog I thought this is a perfect time to share some ways to impress a girl without hurting your budget. Furthermore showing your affection with your special someone shouldn't that expensive, right? Let's begin on the list.

1. Love letter

It may sound old school but this sweet gesture is surely the best way to get her attention to show her about your love. Add some your creativity   juice by writing poems or cheesy lines.

2. Flowers

If your mom has a garden and she has flowering plants you can simply pick some of them and give it to your girlfriend. Daisies, carnations, roses or yellow bell will do.

3. Movie Marathon

Download romantic movies before the V-day then invite your girlfriend for a movie marathon date. Don't forget to buy chips or popcorn to fill her tummy too. I would recommend movies such as love Rosie, Titanic, 500 days of summer, The perks of being a wallflower and so much more!

4. Cook her a meal

If you know how to cook then use it to impress the girl you love. Prepare her a luscious meal that she likes. This gesture is super "kilig" moves! If you can also bake then make her cookies or cupcakes.

5. Local Chocolates

Who said that you need to buy imported chocolates to impress your girl?! Why not try our local chocolates and add sweet notes in it.

6. Serenade Her

This "kilig" move is sure hit-- if you have that golden voice. Sing your lungs out to your special girl on that special day! It will earn you 100 cute points in her heart.

I hope my recommendation can help you in a simple way on V-day with your partner. Happy Valentines Day Guys!

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com - Alexas_Fotos, canva.com


  1. Great suggestions, Cindy! Gusto ko yung ipapagluto, very impressive yun. Pero hindi yan kaya ng asawa ko, sa kain lang sya magaling. Hehe. Siguro pwede sya sa love letter, nakakakilig din yun kasi mag-eeffort talaga. :)

    1. The best talaga ang love letter sis. Kahit yung mga old letter ni boyfriend tinatago ko pa rin. Hehe.

  2. My husband believes that Valentines Day is just a marketing strategy of owners of restaurants, flower shops etc. Pero nakikivalentines pa din naman kami, kawawa naman daw kasi ako. hehe. Last Vday, he did not give me a bouquet of flowers. Ang mahal daw eh.Kain na lang daw kami ng masarap which we did.
    You are right. Hindi naman mahal ang magpakita ng pagmamahal.

    1. Yup! I totally agree with your husband. Talagang marketing strategy lang din yan. Pero kahit hindi v-day dapat sweet pa rin tayo sa other half natin. Hehe.