7 Frugal Hacks that I Do to Save

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I don't mind being teased as a cheapskate. My father would call me "Corry" means "Kuripot" whenever I mention the lines budgeting or saving money to my mom. I just shrug it off! My mantra this year is to live below my means so that I can build enough emergency fund quickly. Some of my frugal hacks might be silly and gross to others, but I don't care. Haha. I listed them below:

1. I bring packed lunch at the office every day. It saves me 75-150 pesos on buying food at the jolly jeep or fast food chain here in Makati CBD.
2. I don't buy cologne or perfume because we use fabric conditioner for our clothes at home, and I take a shower every day. I pretty confident that I don't have a bad smell. LOL.
3. We dilute the shampoo with water as well as the dish washing liquid to maximize the usage.
4.  In our house, we use sugar instead of flavor enhancer (MSG/vetsin). I learned it from my former officemate. It is inexpensive and organic too!
5. We save the last part of the laundry water to flush the toilet or clean the bathroom.
6. Instead of riding a UV Express Van (50 pesos fare), I ride a PNR train on my way home. It cost me 10 pesos but if there's a heavy rain or I am not feeling well that's the time I ride a UV van.
7. We collect empty plastic bottles and papers and sell it to a nearby junk shop.

So that's it for now. Do you have any frugal tips that you want to share? Leave your suggestions in the comments box.

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  1. When I get the last drop of toothpaste, I cut the tube in half! I still get to use the remaining toothpaste sticking at the tube at least twice. I also don't withdraw from other bank's ATM. It saves me PHP10-15 of the "interbanking" charge! And yes, your #1 is also my #1 rule. I cook our daily packed lunch. It's cheaper, plus I know what's on my food. :)

    1. Yup, mura na masarap pa ang lunch mo lalo na ang kanin. Yung binibentang kanin kasi sa mga food court sa office building panget. Hehehe. Thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko. :)

  2. I drink coffee from the vendo machine in the pantry.It's free and unlimited. Haha.

    1. Korek! Thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko. :)

  3. New here Cindy :)

    Here are some frugality stuff implemented in our house...by my wife.
    Cooking food - avoid eating out, very expensive.
    Avoiding Softdrinks - Healthy na tipid pa.
    Gym - Health concerns
    Eating Healthy - Health issues, (mahal ang hospital.)


    1. Madalang na rin kami uminom ng softdrinks sa bahay pero kapag may okasyon like birthday dun lang kami nabili ulit. Hehe. Napapansin ko nga na lumiliit ng konti ang taba ko sa tiyan! :D

  4. whoaaa hahahah!! =))) nice one. i dont find your frugal hacks disgusting. But it's kinda weird to use shampoo as a dishwashing? Does it remove the greasy stains on the pans? But I use the laundry powder as a dishwashing soap. =))

    1. Sis, what I mean by that is we also dilute our dish washing liquid with water para mas dumami ang volume para tipid. Teka baguhin ko nga yung item na yun. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by sa blog ko. :D