Life lately + Savings Update

10:42 PM Cindy 4 Comments

Hello, readers! Sorry, if I've been missing in action here in my blog for I have to two seminars line-up for this month. The first one is the COL Seminar (free) while the other one is Digital Marketing seminar (I paid 200 bucks for this one) which is related to my career right now. The latter event that I attended gave each attendee a certificate and there's a free meal too! I can say it is worth it because I can use the document for my job hunting next year.

For this half month of August 2015, I save more than 20% of my salary and put it into emergency funds. Yay! I also didn't go to the malls even if there's a makeup sale. Heh!

To divert my concentration, I clean my closet instead. Oh boy, it was therapeutic! It's unbelievable that I have kept my old clothes way back in high school and college. Haha. Too bad those shirts and skirts won't fit me anymore. I decided to give them to my less fortunate neighbors.

I'm happy with the last two weeks of August 2015 because there's a long weekend due to a holiday that falls on Monday (Aug. 21) and Friday (Aug. 31). Yahoo! It means I can save a small amount of money because there's no work and more relaxation at home. What about you? Do you have any plans for this upcoming long weekend?

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  1. Good for you for having saved up mroe than 20%. Galing ng disiplina mo!

    I hope I could declutter my closet, too! Tamad-tamaran pa ako, waaaah...

    1. Malaki lang po talaga ang naitulong ng pagbabasa ko ng mga financial blog like yours Ms. Edel. Hehe. Nagiging mas focus ako sa pag-iipon. Naisipan ko lang pong kalkalin ang damitan ko para may magawa naman sa bahay! Haha. Salamat po sa pagbisita sa blog ko. :)

  2. Dahil kapapanganak ko pa lang, sa bahay lang muna kami. Saka umuulan din naman. Haha.

    Good job on your savings, sana ako din makapagsave ulit starting next month.

    1. Thank you sis. Nasa bahay din ako nung Friday until Sunday. Di makapaggala kasi naulan. Maputik at baha ang daan. Hehe. Makakapagsave ka rin sis basta tiwala lang. :)