COL Financial Seminar August 2, 2015 + Stock Picks!

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Last Saturday I attended a seminar at Meralco Theater entitled "COL Financial's 2015 Mid-Year Market Briefing: Shifting Gears". It was my first time to attend the said the event, and I enjoy it a lot!

I am totally a newbie when it comes to investing and having the opportunity to attend the seminar widens my knowledge about the Philippine stock market. I have a companion that day my officemate Jean. She's also a first-time investor just like me. Hehe. Before we enter on the venue, we are given pen, pamphlet and notepad to jot down notes.

There were five speakers: Mr. Juanis Barredo, Mr. Marvin Fausto, Ms. April Lee Tan, Mr. Edward Lee and Mr. Conrado F. Bate. Base from what I understand, we are in the bull market. It means we are in a rising position unlike other countries such as China and Greece which is in the bear market.
Sorry for the low resolution of pix, I have a dinosaur mobile phone. hehe.
They tackle about the power of peso-cost-averaging in picking stocks as an effective strategy and to diversify the money on investment, savings, or mutual funds. They also warn not to invest everything you have on stocks, it should be 20% of your savings only. Among the two share their stock picks.
April's Stock Picks - Airlines: CEB, Banks: MBT, Properties: SMPH, FLI, ALI & AC, Power: FGEN. I forgot the other stock picks. Huhu. But those who have COL account can read it on the homepage.
After the event, there's a Q&A portion. Some ask about mutual funds, SSI, gossip about LBC and the like. The question that has an impact for me is the 2016 election next year. The speakers said whether Binay, Roxas or other Presidential candidates will win we can still have a positive Philippine stock market. I hope it will happen. So there you have it. I can't wait to attend more seminar of COL.

What about you? Did you attend COL seminar before? Share your experience below.

Photo Credit: COL Financial, J. Demata


  1. Good to know marami ka natutunan at nag-enjoy ka sa seminar. Hmmm, tama yung hindi iinvest lahat sa stocks ang pera. Dapat balanse lang. 20% to stocks seems like a good option. :)

    1. True! Thanks po sa pagvisit sa blog ko Ms. Edel. :)

  2. Gusto ko rin makapag-open sa stock market, wala pa lang akong time. Please do post more about COL financial, para ma-update ako sa stock market.

    1. I will! Sis, kamusta na? Wala ka ng bagong entry sa blog mo. Nakakamiss tuloy basahin ang mga personal financial experience mo. Ingat po parati at aral ka po ng mabuti. God bless! :)