5 Non-money Facts About Me

I'm seeing these Instagram entries from financial accounts that I follow on my feeds lately, and I thought why not create a blog about it so that I can update my page here.

The flow is someone will put up an entry on 5 Non-money Facts About them and, they will tag five people hoping they will do the same. So without further ado let's start my 5 Non-money facts about me:

1. I love NOODLE dishes!

- I am a pancit eater! I love eating different style of noodles be it bihon, sotanghon (vermicelli), egg noodles or anything else.

2. I am super scared of millipedes, centipedes and snakes! 

-Whenever I see these kinds of living things, I just run away as fast as I could especially for snakes or if I see a milli/centi I stomped them right away but if they are an adult nah I will just run.

3. I am not afraid of cockroaches, even if they are flying out of nowhere.

-The reason that I am not scared of them is that I can easily kill them with my handy dandy slippers.

4. I like to use my electric racket to kill mosquitos and flies at home

-Due to pandemic and because we are at home most of the time, I find this chore fascinating whenever I hear the sound of mosquitos/flies popping in my electric racket. Yes, I am that weird woman!

5. I am the eldest of my two siblings and, inherited the wavy hair from my papa.

I used to rebond my hair every December whenever I received my 13th month pay but I realized that I need to love my natural hair more!

I know this may be late but, I wish you all an abundance year this 2021!

ECQ Thoughts and Realizations

Hi, all thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin, though, I seldom post an entry here. I'd be honest that I neglect this blog, but I'm bouncing back again!

We are living in a new normal. Things are not the same way as before. For example, it is stressful now to go outside because you might pick-up the virus that we can't see. Entering establishments or restaurants nowadays requires you to wear a face mask and checking of body temperature at the entry point is an SOP. Transportation is difficult too nowadays since traditional jeeps are not yet allowed to operate here in the Philippines.

I am lucky that my company that I'm in, allow us to work from home before the community quarantine imposed in Metro Manila. Staying at home for the past three months I would say, has it's pro's and con's. Good, because I saved a lot of expenses on my commute, but bad for my mental health. I miss the social interaction with my officemates, going to the supermarket, dining in at fast-food chains, and more. These are strange, strange times not only for me but for everyone. However, I am not complaining as it is better to stay at home at this time than go and commute to work.

When it comes to my finances, I am holding more on my cash now. Most financial gurus are correct when they say we must have an emergency fund! It is very helpful to have one during this difficult time, now that we are facing a pandemic. 

I can sleep peacefully at night thinking that I have a safety net that can save me. I strongly suggest that you should build an emergency fund this year too! Start with a small amount whether it is 5 pesos per day and increase it gradually once you adjust to your budget. What I'm trying to say here is any amount will do, but I want to emphasize that you should start saving now rather than later.

On the other topic, I haven't received our 3 months worth of utility bills (Meralco and Manila Water)! I read a few posts on my FB and Twitter about their sky rocket bills, but I don't worry that much on our end because I have an emergency fund to pay for those utilities. I still hope that the our bill is not that high though. 

My only concern about staying at home is I have no physical activities to burn that extra, extra calories away! You can read my 2020 NY resolution about my desire to lose weight. I've done much eating, but no exercising! Have I mentioned before that I am lazy to do cardio activities too? So right there, I knew that I have a problem. Maybe I should eat less carbs for now and stick to healthy greens.

What about you? Care to share what are your realizations during this time of pandemic? Share them in the comment section below!

The Year 2020: New and Recycled Goals!

A new year means starting fresh, or in my case, I just recycled these goals way back from 2018 and I'm wishing, hoping, and praying I successfully achieve those that I listed below this year.

I am a firm believer in writing down my goals because it serves as a receipt that I should not be slacking and wasting my time in doing things that will not benefit me in the end. It is safe to say that these will remind me to be more active. So let's begin!

1. Buy a house and lot, but it should be within our ideal budget. My boyfriend and I are planning to purchase a property before we get married. I want to own a house and lot with a garden because I want to plant edible greens!

2. Enroll in a short class, whether it is for programming, baking or sewing class. I want to do this because I want to earn extra income in the future.

3. Reduce my weight down to 49 kgs! I am currently 52 kgs. right now so I still have 3 kgs to go before I hit my ideal weight. How I've been so far?! Ang hirap bes pero dapat kayanin ko eto!

4. Get term insurance for me instead of VUL because it is way cheaper and invest the difference in other investment units.

5. Learn how to swim. I guess I need to learn this for survival purposes.

6. Get St. Peter life plan. For many, this may sound morbid, but hey, it is better to get one.

What about you? Have you created your goals this 2020? Share them in the comment section below!

Life Lately: Personal Recap before 2019 ends!

Hi there, I almost forgot my blog here, until my boyfriend reminds me to update it. A lot has changed! I just turned 30 years old this year. Oh my, I'm getting older, but haven't achieved the 1 million mark yet in my bank account!

On the good news...I finally have a checking account! I opened mine at BPI because I have a savings account with them. I will make kwento about sa mga nangyari saken on 2019. Hope you will read my entry until the end.

Before the start of my birth month, which is October by the way. My phone got stolen by pickpockets at the Sucat bus station! It was an ordinary day for me going to work and yet that unfortunate event happened. I am shocked because it went so fast!

When I got seated on the bus I found out that one of my bag compartment was opened and my phone was gone. I remembered that I was dumbfounded that time while on my way to the office. Did I cry?! Nope. I just felt sorry for myself because I need to buy a new phone and that would be a big dent in my emergency funds.

I remembered that I took a day off that day because I can't focus. I also took that time to go to the bank to change my registered number and bought a new phone in the afternoon. I think that's the good thing about having an emergency fund. I can replace right away what have been stolen from me because I have funds for this unfortunate event.

Of course the phone that I bought is cheap, but it is the same brand which is Samsung! Malakas talaga ang pagkakuripot sa dugo ko. Haha.

One of the biggest blessing that came my way in 2019, is that I went to Australia guys! It is a work related trip, so all of my expenses are paid by my company. Sabi nga nila kahit may bad events na nangyari sayo may maganda pa ring darating! It was unexpected and that was my first time that I went out of the country and ride the plane too!
cindy of kuripot adventrue in Sydney australia 2019

I would say that 2019 is a steady year for me. I have a stable job, and I still save a large portion of my salary because I plan to buy a house and lot mga friendships! I've been praying for this to come true and hopefully I can achieve this 2020. For my plan to enroll in a baking or sewing class  that never happened last year.

To be honest I became a slacker guys on my goals, I felt lang na need ko naman na magrelax and magpaprocrastinate, kaso na sobrahan ako. So ayun na nga, hopefully this 2020, mas may ma'achieve na akong mga goals ko.

Let's pray for the best guys that this year will bring more blessing to us and good health of course! Oh sya I will make kwento next time ng mga 2020 goals ko on my next entry!

2019 Life Lately: Quit My Job, Emergency Funds & Investment Options

Hello, blog! It's been months since my last entry here and I do hope I still have loyal readers.

We’re on the 2nd half of 2019, and I'm slacking on my financial goals for this year! Here is the brief summary of what I've been up to during my long hiatus.

I quit my job! Yup, it’s been 6 months since I left my job at BGC and it is liberating that I have the guts to do it even though my salary there is very competitive. It was at that moment, I appreciate having an emergency fund which I can use while looking for a new career.

I can attest that prayer really works as I am beyond grateful that when I left my job, an exciting opportunity came my way!

I’ve been “tambay” in our house for 3 weeks which I think I really needed to destress. I've binged watching movies, NetFlix series like "Kingdom", and slept for long hours. I also have my teeth braces; it's the second procedure that I need to undergo for my TMJ treatment.

I also had the chance to reflect on things about myself. I've decided that if ever my next job turns out bad, I will pursue freelancing and enrol myself to TESDA short courses like dressmaking or baking. I think those two courses will help me earn extra cash if I have a family of my own, plus the fact that I got addicted to watching videos on YouTube on how they manage to salvage a thrift dress and turn it into a trendier look!

My expenses at that time are piling up for I still do pay for our water and electricity bills, but I don’t mind for I have enough moolah to cover those adulting duties!

I'm back in Makati again! I find it more convenient to work there as oppose to BGC as I have more options for my mode of transportation. To be honest, I don't know yet if I will be working there for years as I don’t want to say something and then poof I resign after a year.

Let just say that I am extremely thankful that I have a nice job right now and have the opportunity to replenish my emergency fund again.

For my financial goals, I guess I need to remind myself that I need to invest more. I haven’t added any stocks on my portfolio, but I’ve been researching UITF, Mutual Funds, and PERA. I am thinking to open an account on BPI for the Mutual Funds, while BDO for the UITF. I am also wanting to invest in FarmOn which is highly recommended by my friend Jethro and livestock on DV Boer Farm.

How about you? What are the things that keep you busy or things that you’ve been planning to do on this 2nd half-year of 2019? Let me know in the comment section below.

My Life Updates Before 2018 Ends! (Overdue Post)

Hi guys! Yes, I am still alive, kicking and umm...fatter! Haha. This is an overdue post but still publishing it anyway!

A lot has change in my life while I am away. One is that I got a new job back in May 2018, I'm working now at BGC! My salary has increase, and so is my job responsibilities. Pati stress nag-increase din!

So side kwento muna tayo mga beshy, before, I thought working in BGC is more accessible for my daily commute but oh my gosh I was totally wrong! The traffic there is horrendous. Di ko alam kung bakit pero mas malala pa ata ang lugar na yun sa EDSA!

Di ko makuhang gawin ang mantra ni Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, "to look for the beauty in the situation" kasi nagkakawrinkles ako sa 'twing nakakauwi ako ng bahay ng late. Imagine 2 hours akong nakapila para lang makasakay ng van araw-araw. Haaaay. Terible talaga!
The daily struggle of being a commuter!

Let's talk about my job, my job title is still the same but the stress is 1000x bigger! Eto yung talagang dahilan ko bakit gusto ko magquit na pero hindi pa dapat kasi nga di pa ako nakaka 1 year! Charot. Infairness ha may mga positive namang nangyari sa life ko. 

Two advantages I can think of is first, I learned a lot. Like gumagana lahat ng brain cells ko kapag nasa office ako kasi gusto ko matapos mga tasks ko. Minsan naman bago ako matulog iniisip ko na paano yung mga steps na gagawin ko para mas maging madali yung mga gawain ko. Ewan ko kung ganito din kayo sa work nyo, pero eto yung parang approach ko. Hehe.

Second, on the financial aspect, I also had a chance to save big time for build my emergency fund. I can proudly say now that I have achieved my goal of having 6x of my monthly salary. I put my emergency funds on my BPI maxisaver account.

I am super stress every time I go to work in the morning. Oo mga bakla morning pa lang iniisip ko na sana uwian na para makauwi na ko sa bahay namin which is not okay for me kasi it only show how much I hated my job. I'm thinking of resigning this 2019 that's why I am busy searching, sending my resume, and applying for a new work.

If you will ask me if I am happy with my work right now, the answer is NO, but, I still need this job that's why I am not quitting anytime soon. Maybe if there's a better opportunity coming my way, that's the time I will quit.

I also thinking of pushing freelancing work because hello nobody wants to commute everyday. For now I am staying on my work but will give you updates if ever nagquit na ko or hindi. LOL.

Anyhow, kamusta nman ang 2019 nyo? Anong financial goal nyo this year? Share your thoughts or financial plan this 2019 on the comment section below at magchikahan tayo dyan.

How to Open BPI Maxisaver & Why I chose it over BDO

Hi beautiful creature and that’s– YOU! Claim na natin yan mga ka’sis and brother kasi lahat naman tayo e likas na magaganda at gwapo. Haha. Anyhow, I mentioned in my previous post about cashing out my money on my BDO savings account and putting them on BPI Maxisavers

Why I came up with that decision? My answer is simple; it is because of the interest rate that I can earn with BPI Maxisavers which is a bit higher than BDO and convenience. My company payroll is under BPI, therefore, you get the whole picture. Connecting the two account online means it is easier for me to transfer funds from my payroll account to Maxisaver. The table below is the interest rate on BPI Maxisaver:

Photo grabbed from: https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/p/1/326/deposit-rates-savings-and-checking

Opening an account on BPI for a Maxisaver account is easy. You will need to bring the following requirements to your desired BPI branch:

1.    A 1x1 photo
2.    Two valid ID. I brought my unified SSS ID and company ID
3.     Initial deposit. If I remember correctly my initial deposit that time is more than 50,000 pesos. The customer service representative asks me if I also want an ATM with passbook but I told her that I’m fine with having an ATM only.

Bonus tips: Prepare the following information below because you will need them to complete filling-up the BPI Maxisaver form:

1.    SSS number
2.    PAG-IBIG number
3.    TIN number

After you complete the necessary forms, you will wait for 3 days before getting your BPI ATM card.

Once I got my ATM account, I didn't waste time and linked my BPI Maxisaver to my BPI online account. Here are the steps that I did to do this:

1. Go to BPI Online Official Website
2. Log-in to your account
3. Once logged-in go to:

My Portfolio>>Enroll Additional Accounts

Photo grabbed from: https://www.bpiexpressonline.com

and tick the box "Savings and Checking Account (with ATM card or Info Card)" then click the "Continue" button. You will prompt to this page:

Photo grabbed from: https://www.bpiexpressonline.com

Fill up the necessary information, click "Submit" and you're good to go!

I'm claiming that this 2018 I can and will achieve my goals of having an emergency fund, you can read my 2018 recycled and new goals by clicking the link. I am so excited!

If you are asking what will I do with my BDO savings account, I will still keep it and planning on putting my buffer funds there.

How about you? Where do you put your savings? Is it in the bank too? Share your experience by writing a comment below. I would like to read them.

The year 2018 Updated Goals!

It’s the time of the year again wherein most of the financial bloggers I followed and adored have an entry about their goals this 2018 and since I’m a copy cat I also created mine. Haha.

As they say, there’s a big chance you will fulfill your goals in life if you write it down. I am a firm believer of this because it serves as a parameter for me to achieve them when I’m losing that drive or sparks.

For this year 2018, I consolidate some of my previous goals way back in 2016 and 2017. You can back read them here and here. Additionally, you can also read my updates how I accomplished some of them on 2016 goals and 2017 goals.

If you're asking why I am recycling my goals from the previous years it is because I am eager to accomplish my old but never been forgotten goals. I also added new item to the list below but I try to limit them because I don’t want to stress myself too much. Let's start shall we:

1. Save at least 6-9x my monthly salary before the year 2016, 2017, 2018 ends.

2. Visit my immediate family in Cebu and vacationing for a week or two.

3. Learn how to code in PHP language or graphic designing. I can use this for my freelancing gigs and to broaden my skills. Added expertise means an increase of $$$$ that I can utilize either for investments or emergency fund.

4. Have an investment in PH stock market amounting 50K 100K. To be honest I didn't put much effort last year in stock investing because I became stubborn and I focus my time on doing nothing. Huhu. I procrastinate and losing direction in terms of financial aspect but this year will be different! Oh yes, change is coming my dear. Charot!

5. Reduce my weight. Honestly, I am anxious about our upcoming APE (Annual Physical Exam) here in our office because for sure I will learn that I gain weight AGAIN.

6. Travel within the Philippines. My goal is to travel at least 5 different local places here. I also hope I can travel to Palawan this 2018.

7. Paint our house. It's hard to believe that I still don't push this plan in our house renovation because of lack of budget. Hopefully this year will be different.

8. Get term insurance either from Manulife, Sunlife or AXA. Reading financial blogs I frequent to read I fully understand the importance of having insurance. As a PH resident, I am aware that our health benefits here are not that good compared to other countries. Getting sick is a no, no because medicine and trip to the doctor are costly.

9. Have my own mini-business. Thank God I bought a fridge last year; therefore, this goal will soon become a reality. I’m planning on selling flavoured ice-candy this summer.

10. Learn how to swim.

11. Get St. Peter life plan.

12. Put 6x of my salary in Pag-ibig MP2.

13. Have a month salary in my buffer fund account in BDO.

What about you? Have you created your goals this 2018? Share them on the comment section below!

Photo Credits: Canva.com