I Finally Opened a BDO Savings Account

Hello my dear readers, let’s go back to the normal programming of this blog which is about my financial independence. I wanted to share with you guys, my experience of opening a savings account from BDO. I have two reasons why I chose to have an account with them: First, their SM Bicutan and Makati branch is near from where I live and work so it’s easier for me to deposit cash, second, it’s easy for me to withdraw money from them in case of emergency which is of course I don’t want happen but it’s still better to be prepared for those unfortunate events.

I have my own payroll account on BPI but I notice that if I put my savings there I tend to spend the money and lose track of how much I save for a particular month and I also became lazy saving 20% of my salary that’s why I come up with the decision to open another savings account. FYI, I open my savings account at their SM Bicutan branch. Below are the requirements that I brought:

1.    2 government ID’s. I use my SSS national ID and Philhealth ID
2.    1 Company ID
3.    1 Utility Bill. I showed to them our electricity bill from Meralco and they photocopied it
4.    Initial Cash Deposit. You have two options for the savings account: 2,000php cash deposit is for ATM card account only while 10,000 cash deposit is for ATM card with passbook. I have 5,000php with me that day so I chose the first option.

I was given three forms that I needed to fill-out. The bank teller who assisted me is very friendly and she answers all my inquiries. She also informed me that I am not allowed to deposit a check on my savings account which is totally fine with me since I can use my BPI account for those kinds of transactions.

The good thing of opening an account with BDO is that I don’t need to give them a 1x1 or 2x2 photo of mine which are required to other banks. They just took a picture of me and it’s done! I was advice to wait for 5 days before I claimed my ATM card. After I got my card, the first thing that I did is to register my debit card on their online banking so that I can monitor how much money I saved. Here's the link of their online website click here.

Here's picture of the savings account BDO ATM card looks like.

The only drawbacks that I experience banking with BDO is when I created an account online, the amount of money has not been reflected on real time basis on my first registration. I freaked out and went to the nearest ATM to check if my money is there. I also find the One-Timed Password (OTP) a hassle every time I logged-in on my account which I understand it is for my own account security but I don’t get the point of it. 

It just eats time on the part of the end user to stay longer on their platform. Unlike in BPI, all transactions there are recorded real time and they don’t require OTP.

Anyhow overall, I will still recommend BDO because you can open a savings account with them for only 2,000php cash deposits. The said amount is also their maintaining balance to keep on your account so they won’t close your account. Amazing, isn’t it?!

How about you? Where did you put your savings? Is it in the bank or do you own a piggy bank? Share your comment below.

My Masungi Georeserve Escapade!

Hello guys, yup I’m bouncing back to blogging sphere! I have so many stories to tell you but first let me share to you my Masungi Georeserve experience. This entry is off topic from my usual post about finances and savings but still I want to impart it here because I want to travel to different places this year especially our local tourists spots! Ang ganda talaga kasi ng bansa natin di'ba. Of course, this should be plan ahead of time so that I will not put a hole in my pocket.

So sino ang mga kasama ko? I went trekking with my sister and her friends last April 22, 2017. It’s my first time to try this kind of activity so I am thrilled. Gosh, I can still remember the “pagod” and all because we trek 9 trails of Masungi (Sapot, Ditse, Patak, Duyan, Yungib Ni Ruben, Tatay, Nanay, Bayawak) under the extreme hot of the sun! Until now I have tan lines pa.

Our day is jampacked with activities because in the morning we went to Masungi then we headed to Pililla Wind Farm and our last stop is the Daranak Falls but I'll save that on separate post of this blog. It was an exhausting day but I can say the trip is worth it and every penny that I paid is sulit! We planned this escapade one year in advance because making a reservation in Masungi isn’t easy. They are fully-booked always so if you wish to go there plan ahead of time and make early registration now on their website here.

You should also refrain from buying visit requests from outside sources. When we went there other groups has to stop their trail halfway because they make their reservations through a travel agent. There will be no refund ha so take note of it. Anyhow, I will stop talking and share to you some of our photos.

Before we start our trail, our group had orientation first conducted by the local park ranger of Masungi at the Silungan. Here we are advice to urinate before we start our trek and they orient us about the dos and don’ts that we should obey. We brought water, cellphones and light snacks such as chocolate bars and jelly ice. It’s a no-no to throw trash while on Masungi so we brought eco bags to serve as our plastic garbage.
Eto yung una kong inakyat na lubid-lubid. Maraming ganyan ang inakyat ko dyan. Eto pa lang ang simula ng paghihirap ko este hingal pala!
Kunyari di halatang hirap ako sa pag-akyat. Kunyari tuwang-tuwa ako pero sa isip ko omaygash yung pata ko nanginginig. Charot! Eto lang ba ang aakyatin ko?? Joke. Madami pa palang mga ganyan sa trail namin so wait for more photos!
Taas kamay kunyari! Haha. Ay baket nakapikit ako?! Nakakalula kasi.
Eto kasi yung dinaanan ko papuntang gitna. If may pagka'final destination ka mag-isip  like  na putol ang mga wires na yan alam nyo na kung saan kayo matutusok. Hehehe. But no guys, our park ranger told us that the materials that they use here are super tibay!
Obligatory group picture
Yungib ni Ruben. Infairness mabango dyan sa kweba na yan. Nagsindi kasi sila ng scented candles. May mga ibon din kaming nakita. Pagpasok namin sa kweba ang lamig guys parang may aircon.
Wishing fountain! Di ako nagwish. Wala akong dalang barya that time. Charot!
Groupie sa Duyan habang tirik na tirik ang araw!
Rest muna bago sumugod ulit sa laban ng pag-akyat sa madaming hagdan at lubid. Natunaw ng matindi mga taba ko sa dyan sa katawan!

Picture muna sa duyan-duyan! Nakalimutan ko na tawag dito. Sabi ng park ranger namin na si Marshal oks daw dito magboomerang! Ginawa namin. Maganda ngang pang-instagram.
Ang Patak bow! Infairness di halatang pagod ako dito.
Group picture sa loob ng Patak.
Sa tuktok ni Nanay. Kitang kita dito ang view ng Sierra Madre sa kaliwa tapos Laguna de bay naman daw sa kanan. Ngiting mga pagod na pagod na bata at gutom!
Ang aming very friendly at pasensyosong park ranger - Marshal! Tumagal kami ng 5 hours sa trail namin kasi picture kami ng picture at todo kami magpahinga. Haha.
Bale eto yung pinakalast stop namin yung Bayawak. Nakakalula tumingin sa itaas pero nakayanan ko naman makababa.
Ngiting nakasurvive! Grabe sobrang pagod na pagod na kami dyan pero pose pa rin sa photo.
At the end of our trail we went to Silungan and we are provided with  complimentary light refreshments courtesty of Masungi.

Banana, lettuce, wheat bread and they also have egg spread and I forgot the other one. Haha. Not included in the photo is the fresh calamansi juice with honey. It is so refreshing. Imagine nyo na lang na super sarap na sarap kami sa pagkain na yan dahil gutom na gutom na kami talaga!

I highly recommend this place guys because it is really an adventure and may pagka extreme factor pa ng slight kasi magdadasal ka kada trail. Haha. Anyhow, how's your summer my dear readers? Where do you plan to go this month of May? Share your stories on the comment section below!

2017: The New and Recycled Goals

Hello, world! As I promise on my previous entry, I will share it here my new goals this 2017. If you notice I retain some goals that I have back in 2016 because I want to accomplish them this year. I'm aiming to cross out all of them! So here we go:

  1. 1. Save at least 6x my monthly salary before the year 2016 2017 ends.

  2. 2. Open another savings account either on BPI, BDO or Metrobank for my emergency fund

  3. 3. Buy a fridge

  4. 4. Buy flat screen T.V.

  5. 5. Visit my immediate family in Cebu and vacationing for a week or two.

  6. 6. Have an investment in PH stock market amounting 50K

  7. 7. Reduce my weight to 110 lbs. My current weight right now is 120 lbs.

  8. 8. Travel around the Philippines. My goal is to travel at least 5 different local places here.

  9. 9. Paint our house

  10. 10. Get an insurance from either from Manulife or Sunlife. Reading financial blogs
    I now fully understand the need for this one on my life.

  11. 11. Have my own mini-business

  12. 12. Learn how to swim.

I'm hoping I can accomplish all of it before this year ends! Happy weekday guys.

Photo Credits: Canva.com

2016 Goals: Quick Recap on Things that I Accomplished!

One of the things that I like about changing year is we all have 365 days or 52 weeks of chances on fulfilling our dreams. Before I proceed on my 2017 goal this year which I plan to write soon, here's an instant overview of my short term goals back in 2016.

1. Renovate our humble home.

-I thought this goal may not be pushed through but I thank God that it happened! If you would like to read the stories about our house renovation you can view the entry here and here.

2. Have first aid kit at home in case of emergency (thermometer & nebuliser)

-Finally, I've completed this one. Our first aid kit at home is consist of blood pressure monitoring (for my mama and papa), a nebuliser for mama because she has asthma and other necessities such as pain reliever tablets, antacids, pain killer oils and etc.

3. Save at least 6x my monthly salary before the year 2016 ends.
4. Open another savings account for my emergency fund
5. Buy a fridge

6. Look for a new job either in Makati or BGC

-No, I don't quit my job. I guess I realised I love my work that's why I stop looking for new opportunities plus got promoted too from junior to senior level.

7. Visit my immediate family in Cebu and vacationing for a week or two.

8. Sign-up for Google Adsense for my blog

-I created an account on Google Adsense so that I can earn extra income for ads but after a month they suspended my account. Until now I don't have a clear idea why it happened but anyhow I sign-up on Infolinks that's why you guys are seeing pop-up ads and images on this blog.

9. Learn how to do program in PHP language.
10. Have an investment in PH stock market amounting 50K

11. Buy blue chip companies for long term goal investment

-Bought one blue chip company and I plan on buying more! I need to focus on saving more this year. I plan to have more raket para madaming moolah for this one. Haha.

12. Pamper myself once in a while

-2016 is the year I don't scrimp on myself. I availed 12+ facial sessions because my pimples keep appearing left and right on my cheeks and up to my forehead. Nakakaloka mga mars! So I frequent a derma salon to let them prick my galit na galit na pimples. LOL. I see my face has improved and my office-mates notice it also.

13. Burn some fats! I want to weigh 105 lbs. again. FYI, my current weight right now is 113.5 lbs. So good luck to me! Haha.

15. Learn how to do winged eyeliner

-I can now do a decent winged eyeliner. Take note on the term "decent". I am still no expert on doing it but eventually I'll go there. As they say praktis lang ng praktis!

16. Travel to Palawan

I crossed out those goals that I have accomplished during 2016 and I am glad that I did an amazing job! For me, the highlight of my 2016 is our house renovation because it wasn't that easy but we still manage as a family to maximise the small budget that we have. So that's it for now. I'll update soon on this blog for my 2017 goal.

How about you? Do you have goals you successfully accomplish last year? Share it in the comment section below.

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Happy Holidays 2016 - Ho, ho, ho!

Hello, world! Two more days to go and it's Christmas? Are you already on a holiday vacation mode right now or are you busy doing a last minute Christmas shopping? Anyhow, I hope you're not stressed out commuting this holiday season. You know the traffic in the Metro is horrendous to the nth level!

Is it just me or someone else also like the glittering of Christmas lights lining up on the streets at night. It reminds me of something good will come my way and don't be negatron and grumpy sitting there in the van while stuck in the traffic. Haha. The announcement of the PH government about the long weekend, this holiday season is the best news so far! Panalo talaga 'to.

For my few readers and new visitor of my blog, Merry Christmas! I wish you and your family's good health. Let's not forget to share our blessing with others.

Photo Credits: 
Pixabay (Daria-Yakovleva)

September & October Life Updates: Upwork Deactivation, Stocks & Birthday Plans!

Hi, everyone! It's been a month since you haven't heard about me. Gosh, I missed blogging! I took time off because of my freelance job took more of my schedule. But now I am back and will be more active here (hopefully).

I have so many stories to share with you guys let's start off with my stupid action that I did on Upwork. This is sad news because my account has been deactivated permanently on the website. Here's the story: 

I message one of my clients to work outside of Upwork; little did I know that our conversations are filtered by the web admin. I received a notification that I got banned because I violate their "terms and conditions". I have panic attack when I read their email because I haven't cashed out my money there.

I am really scared that I will no longer transfer the funds to my local bank account. I thought all of my hard works and sleepless nights will put to wastes. Luckily, I can still access my profile and I wasted no time cashing out the money. A sigh of relief is what I felt when I see the money from Upwork reflected on my bank account. No more freelance job for me now, therefore, more time to blog! Haha.

I plan to use the money that I got to buy color paints. Do you remember my house renovation stories which I shared on houserenovation update 1 and house renovation update 2? It is not completed yet because I run out funds but now I have the budget to do it. So yeah, I'm still thankful after a series of unfortunate events from Upwork. 

Anyhow, one of my friends told me to try Freelancer.com. I signed up an account but I'm not that active on looking for side line right now because I got exhausted juggling 3 clients last month. I plan to rest for now and focus on my full time job.

If you're an avid reader of my blog, October is special month to me because I will be celebrating my birthday. Aside from using the funds on beautifying our house, I will also treat myself by buying new shoes, bags or perhaps make-ups that are still amenable to my budget. I will be turning 17th years old guys!!! LOL. Okay, I'm just joking. I'm 17 years old 10 years ago. Just do the math and you'll get my current age but shhhhh it's our secret.

With my updates on my stocks, to be honest, I haven't put attention to it these past few months but I'm surprised that I earned a cash dividend when I logged in into my COL account today. 

Overall, there is more good news than bad news that happened to my life while I'm away here. What about you? What happened to your life during the month of September and this month in terms of work, budget or whatnot? Share your stories at the comment box below. I want to read them! 

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Pixabay.com: https://pixabay.com/en/woman-girl-people-female-hand-792162/

August 2016 Life Lately: House Update, PH Stocks & Personal Life

Hey, all! I finally have the time to write an update to my blog. Yahoo! To my few readers, thank you for still keeping in touch with me.
Our house renovation is 90% complete while the remaining 10% is put on hold because I hit my budget constraint and I can't afford yet to buy paint materials. I’m planning to push through the incomplete task by November. The bad news is I use all the money on my emergency fund.  Boo. So yeah I'm starting again on building my saving/emergency fund. But I am not complaining because seeing our home before and after the renovation is a big accomplishment for me. I can now say that one of my goals is turning into a reality, one step at a time. Naks! You can read my previous post where I share about our house renovation dilemma here. 
Before the house renovation

After the renovation
About my stocks, I sold some during the first week of August 2016 (Ghost month) and earn a little from it. The funny thing is when I sold my stocks the price went high that I totally regret selling them but as they say an investor should be unemotional and move on once his/her stocks are sold. A gain is a gain! If you are curious how much I received, it is way higher compared to the interest that I get from the bank. If I have readers who are thinking to invest on stock market I recommend start now! But be reminded that you should never put all your savings on the stock market, instead set aside a portion of your money for emergencies.
Currently I have two stocks which are red right now. I'm  hoping it will turn green next month.
Aside from my full-time job, I’m also freelancing on Upwork. I am lucky I bagged a long term project from one client in Texas. So yeah, I have deal with my time management now since I have extra job to do at home. So many works so little time. Sigh. Sus, ako na busy! Charot. My budget plan is the same as before, I still in charge of making financial arrangements at home. I find it relaxing whenever I do grocery shopping. Well except when it’s time to pay the bills at the counter! Haha.

What about you? How's your August month so far? Share your stories in the comment box below. I hope it is more interesting than mine!

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COL Financial