2016 Goals: Quick Recap on Things that I Accomplished!

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One of the things that I like about changing year is we all have 365 days or 52 weeks of chances on fulfilling our dreams. Before I proceed on my 2017 goal this year which I plan to write soon, here's an instant overview of my short term goals back in 2016.

1. Renovate our humble home.

-I thought this goal may not be pushed through but I thank God that it happened! If you would like to read the stories about our house renovation you can view the entry here and here.

2. Have first aid kit at home in case of emergency (thermometer & nebuliser)

-Finally, I've completed this one. Our first aid kit at home is consist of blood pressure monitoring (for my mama and papa), a nebuliser for mama because she has asthma and other necessities such as pain reliever tablets, antacids, pain killer oils and etc.

3. Save at least 6x my monthly salary before the year 2016 ends.
4. Open another savings account for my emergency fund
5. Buy a fridge

6. Look for a new job either in Makati or BGC

-No, I don't quit my job. I guess I realised I love my work that's why I stop looking for new opportunities plus got promoted too from junior to senior level.

7. Visit my immediate family in Cebu and vacationing for a week or two.

8. Sign-up for Google Adsense for my blog

-I created an account on Google Adsense so that I can earn extra income for ads but after a month they suspended my account. Until now I don't have a clear idea why it happened but anyhow I sign-up on Infolinks that's why you guys are seeing pop-up ads and images on this blog.

9. Learn how to do program in PHP language.
10. Have an investment in PH stock market amounting 50K

11. Buy blue chip companies for long term goal investment

-Bought one blue chip company and I plan on buying more! I need to focus on saving more this year. I plan to have more raket para madaming moolah for this one. Haha.

12. Pamper myself once in a while

-2016 is the year I don't scrimp on myself. I availed 12+ facial sessions because my pimples keep appearing left and right on my cheeks and up to my forehead. Nakakaloka mga mars! So I frequent a derma salon to let them prick my galit na galit na pimples. LOL. I see my face has improved and my office-mates notice it also.

13. Burn some fats! I want to weigh 105 lbs. again. FYI, my current weight right now is 113.5 lbs. So good luck to me! Haha.

15. Learn how to do winged eyeliner

-I can now do a decent winged eyeliner. Take note on the term "decent". I am still no expert on doing it but eventually I'll go there. As they say praktis lang ng praktis!

16. Travel to Palawan

I crossed out those goals that I have accomplished during 2016 and I am glad that I did an amazing job! For me, the highlight of my 2016 is our house renovation because it wasn't that easy but we still manage as a family to maximise the small budget that we have. So that's it for now. I'll update soon on this blog for my 2017 goal.

How about you? Do you have goals you successfully accomplish last year? Share it in the comment section below.

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