2017: The New and Recycled Goals

10:19 PM Cindy 2 Comments

Hello, world! As I promise on my previous entry, I will share it here my new goals this 2017. If you notice I retain some goals that I have back in 2016 because I want to accomplish them this year. I'm aiming to cross out all of them! So here we go:

  1. 1. Save at least 6x my monthly salary before the year 2016 2017 ends.

  2. 2. Open another savings account either on BPI, BDO or Metrobank for my emergency fund

  3. 3. Buy a fridge

  4. 4. Buy flat screen T.V.

  5. 5. Visit my immediate family in Cebu and vacationing for a week or two.

  6. 6. Have an investment in PH stock market amounting 50K

  7. 7. Reduce my weight to 110 lbs. My current weight right now is 120 lbs.

  8. 8. Travel around the Philippines. My goal is to travel at least 5 different local places here.

  9. 9. Paint our house

  10. 10. Get an insurance from either from Manulife or Sunlife. Reading financial blogs
    I now fully understand the need for this one on my life.

  11. 11. Have my own mini-business

  12. 12. Learn how to swim.

I'm hoping I can accomplish all of it before this year ends! Happy weekday guys.

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  1. Those are solid goals, Cindy! My husband and I don't have the heart to replace our old and rusty but still very functional ref. But every time we check out appliance stores, we always eye this black ref from Kelvinator, haha. :)

    1. Thanks Ms. Edel. Oo nga maganda din yung black kelvinator. Nagwiwindow shopping na rin kasi ako sa mga brand ng ref para alam ko kung magkano ang iseset ko na amount for that. Bukod sa maganda yung design ng kelvinator mataas din yung EER nya which is makakatipid ka sa kuryente.