The Reason Why I Created a New Blog: Kuripot Adventure!

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You may not know, but I am the owner of; I can say that I am happy writing stuff on the blog until I realized that I have no specific niche. Plus some of the prices of beauty products I critic is a bit expensive! The outcome is it became difficult for me to create an entry having a limited budget to buy for makeup commodities. Then I got ban from Adsense, I took it as a sign for me to find what I want to write online.

The idea came to me like a flash to create a blog that focus on my journey on saving money! The scope of the blog is perfect because it will tackle my personal experiences on dealing with my finances. And I can share our family’s financial dilemma that readers can relate. Places that I plan to go on a tight budget and inform others on earning extra income on the side. With that in mind, I can’t wait to add articles here in my new baby! My former blog will remain active and I will still posting beauty reviews there, but I wish you visit this page from time to time.

How many blogs do you have? Are you still active on those accounts? What is your most favorite blog account you handle? Share the links and blogger experiences at the comment section below.

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  1. I wanna know the reasons why your adsense account get banned.. Could you please let me know the cause of it? Perhaps you unintentionally committed something wrong which Google prohibits us (as publisher) to do.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading this blog of yours. If you want I can help you setup a professional domain name in this blog so it would look awesome. Just let me know. ;)

    1. Di ko rin alam Jet bigla na lang may natanggap akong email na banned na yung adsense ko. Baka dahil sa mga copyright na picture. Hehehe. Yun ang kutob ko.

  2. Copyright pictures don't cause Adsense account suspension though. Here are the possible reasons and my take is someone clicked bomb your ads. You failed to report it and Google frowned...

    *Clicking the ads on your own site

    Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic

    *Using an incentivized traffic source

    *Manipulating how ads are served

    *Encouraging users to support your site through ad interaction

    *Ad placement deceptive for users or generating accidental clicks

    *Ads embedded in applications

    Infolinks and Affiliate programs can be a good alternative though :)

    1. Ganun pala yun. Thanks for the info. but wala na ata akong magagawa para mareconsider pang ibalik yung adsense account ko sa old blog ko. Anyway, thanks for dropping by on my blog. :D