My family’s Struggle a Year Ago and My Prominence

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We are five in the family; my father is a former company driver while my mom is a plain house wife. I’m the eldest among my two siblings and our neighbors label us “Tres Maria’s”. My dad quit his job June of 2014 due to pneumonia. Immediately I become the breadwinner and took the responsibility of paying for my youngest sister college education.

I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist on a BPO company in Makati. Despite of unexpected events we are still fortunate that Nina, my second sibling got a job after she finished her school. She’s working as a programmer and it was a big relief for my part. I have companion to shoulder the expenses in the house instead of myself alone.

On July 2014 my mom and dad decided to take a long vacation to Cebu because the latter needs fresh air. We thought it is good for his health to continue his medication there but we’re wrong. His condition worsens from pneumonia to TB. My mom told me that my dad skips taking his prescription drug and hasn't stop drinking alcoholic beverages during their first month at the province. I got mad on them but I don’t want to point fingers on who’s to blame. What my father needs at that moment was an immediate treatment.

Nina and I decided to send them financial support every month. And those are the difficult days because our expenses increase. For three months I did a freelance job to earn extra money. It was an answered prayer because the opportunity came to me when I need it most.

May 2015 my dad completed his medication! He’s feeling better and gaining weight.  Although he still take vitamins and continue his medication for his pneumonia. July 19 they got back here in Manila and we’re living on the same roof again as a complete family!

While my parents are in the province I became a mother for my two siblings for 11 months. Being the eldest I am force to learn how to cook, buy goods on the wet market and haggle on store sellers. I did the budgeting and managing our expenses. It was a tough role for me but I have to endure it for my family. Base from my experience it opens my eyes to increase my saving when it comes to emergency fund; I become wiser when it comes to handling finances and to think of other ways to earn additional income.

I learn that no one will help you when you are on the lowest point of your life but yourself and your family. People tend to forget you when you’re useless to them. Why am I saying this?! Because some of my dad’s close friends turn their back on us when he became penniless! I told myself that I don’t want those people to join my network. So yeah, I became picky on choosing friends. And you should do it the same!

I have so many stories to share here but you might get bore reading a long entry. I’ll save it on another blog post instead. When did you start savings for your future? Do you plan to have an emergency fund? What are the family trials that you and your family surpass together? Share your stories on the comment section below or post the link of your blog entry.

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  1. Hi sis! hirap kapag pasaway din ang magulang no, kung pede nga lang paluin e, ganyan din father ko noon e, hehehe. But kidding aside, buti magaling na father mo, hirap din pag me sakit sa pamilya e, nakakadrain ng bulsa. I guess those trials taught us the real lessons in life.
    Good thing may trabaho na ang younger sister & gaganda pa ng job nyo & I'm sure makakaabante kayo sa financial adventure nyo, Good luck sis!

    1. Thanks sis sana magdilang anghel ka sa mga sinabi mo. Hehe. Less pasaway na lang ang mga parents ko now although minsan may mga tampuhan kasi ayaw nilang kinocorrect sila sa mga actions nila. Since kami ng kapatid ko ang bata kami na lang ang nagpapasensya at umiintindi. Hehe.

  2. So you already learned what parents are going through at naexperience mo din ang isang napaka effective na lesson na magagamit mo balang araw, ang pagba-budget. Nice! Learn from our own experience but please do note that we should learn from other peoples' mistakes. Great post and take care sa inyo ng family mo. :)

    1. Thank you Jet. Oo I learned it the hard way pero thankful pa rin kasi at the young age natutunan ko na kung gaano kahalaga ang magsave. Hehehe.