Christmas 2015: Yes, I survived budgeting!

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I survived the Christmas holiday! There's many presents, food and err godchildren. Haha. The good thing is I stayed on my target budget so no cray, cray moments for me. Here's the breakdown of my spending that day:

Christmas Food Amount
Bread 45
Onions + Baguio Beans 40
Fish 85
Breast Chicken Half Kilo 70
Spring Onions + Sili 14
Lumpia Wrapper 40
Carrots + Repolyo 48
Canton 60
Jeepney Fare Back & Forth the Wet Market 30
Cheese Ball FREE
Novellino White Wine FREE
Desserts (Toblerone, Twinkies, Snickers) FREE
Total: 432

Those items labeled as free are either Christmas gift from the office or goodies from friends. Some of the dishes we prepared are stir fry noodles commonly known as pancit, ham, cheese sticks, fish soup for my dad and bread.

Too bad I didn't take a picture of it because I was too hungry munching the goodies. Haha. We only prepare a few dishes during Christmas day because most of my immediate relatives are all based in Cebu.

For my 11 Godchildren plus extras (yung mga hindi ko inaanak), I only spend about 2,172 pesos for gifts and monetary giveaways! I can say that advance planning pretty early help me to achieve this goal. Hehe.

What about you? How did you spend your Christmas day this year 2015? Share your stories at the comment section below. I want to read them!

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  1. wow hahahaha ang mumura ng mga items =)) di ba kasali unga regalo sa mga inaanak mo men?

    1. Kasali na dyan men. Bumili ako sa mga sale na toys. Hehe. Tsaka yung mga extra tig-20 peso bills na malulutong lang binigay ko. :P

  2. Galing! Me naman I didn't spent for the noche buena kasi I received free basket from Mommy Bloggers Philippines! Nakatipid din! :)

    1. Wooow, ayos sis nakatipid ka ng bonggang bongga nun!